Friday, January 30, 2009


Valentine's Day is coming up. It's the day we stalkers look forward to. It's a day where we stalkers can write all the anonymous love letters we want without seeming like stalkers. Its a day we can stalk without fear of getting caught.

It's also a day we fear....

What if our stalk-ee, so to say, happens to also be a stalker who is stalking somebody else?


What if we're all stalkers who are always stalking somebody else and we'll never actually find true love?

Valentine's Day is kind of a stupid holiday. Only certain people can really celebrate it: couples. Us single people wait around all day just waiting for somebody to call us, only to find out that they'll never call. We wait and wait, and when nothing happens we get depressed. So while the happy couples are off in la-la land, the single people are off wasting their lives by the telephone.

However, when you're the happy couple, life couldn't be sweeter. You're head over heels in love and Valentine's Day is a great way to show it! But why wait for Valentine's Day? I think that every day is a day to show someone how much you care about them.

So this Valentine's Day, still spend it with your special someone, but remember, every day is a great opportunity to show someone you care.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who I'm Stalking.

*What I'm listening to: "Shiksa (Girlfriend)" by Say Anything*

For years, my friends have been calling me a stalker.

It's only because I always happen to know a lot about the guys I like. For example is a great place to find out where they live, you know, just in case...

And, according to my so-called friends, searching the web to find out where they live (just in case) is considered something a stalker might do. Something I would do.

These days I focus my energy on one guy. His name is ____. You can call him whatever you like, but I probably shouldn't share his name, you know, just in case....

He barely knows I exist, but, considering we're going to get married someday, he'll know me eventually.

*Song change: "All I Ever Wanted" by Basshunter*

____ also happens to be a year older than me (sarcastically: ohmigawd a whole year?!?!?) and I talk to him about....once in a blue moon.

There's just something about him that stops me in my tracks. All thought processess shut down and my ability to communicate like a normal human being fails altogether.

Which isn't normal for me.

You call it falling in love, I call it trying not to puke on his shoes when talking to him.


My Purpose

Hey everyone. Welcome to Secrets of a Stalker.

I'm not a stalker, but more of a secret admirer. A very secret admirer. A very secret admirer who knows almost everything about her admire-ee.....

And this is kind of my stalker secrets guide.

My purpose is to successfully share my secrets on how to stalk (or admire from afar....) and to share my story of stalker porportions.

So, stay tuned, or whatever it is you do when you wait for a new post, for Secrets of a Stalker: THE BLOG.