Friday, May 15, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah....I know

So, it's been awhile.

A long while.

Sorry :'(

Anyways, the stalker is back and better than ever!

Tokio Hotel. A great band. But I'm not so sure of the lead singer. I can't really tell if he's attractive or not. That....bothers me...huh. I don't know about that guy.

I stalked TG today :] gahh. He's, well, amazing. I need to be friends with him.

Shout outs of the day:


Attack Attack!

Tokio Hotel



Listen to them. They're great. They won't let you down.

Still, MCR, release an album already....I can't wait forever Gee.....

Russel Brand. He's now on my favorite people list. The guy's ridiculous. Look him up.

I still want to learn guitar. Someday....

Gahh. Anyways...


Friday, May 1, 2009

Tired is a verb

This week has been hectic. I'm exhausted. Ugh.

I think that blogging is actually pretty difficult. Thinking of things to say and stuff is really hard. I mean, I can't be boring and I can't write too little and I can't write too much. It's hard.

Anyways, I'm tired and I didn't want you guys to think that I forgot about yeah :]