Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who I'm Stalking.

*What I'm listening to: "Shiksa (Girlfriend)" by Say Anything*

For years, my friends have been calling me a stalker.

It's only because I always happen to know a lot about the guys I like. For example is a great place to find out where they live, you know, just in case...

And, according to my so-called friends, searching the web to find out where they live (just in case) is considered something a stalker might do. Something I would do.

These days I focus my energy on one guy. His name is ____. You can call him whatever you like, but I probably shouldn't share his name, you know, just in case....

He barely knows I exist, but, considering we're going to get married someday, he'll know me eventually.

*Song change: "All I Ever Wanted" by Basshunter*

____ also happens to be a year older than me (sarcastically: ohmigawd a whole year?!?!?) and I talk to him about....once in a blue moon.

There's just something about him that stops me in my tracks. All thought processess shut down and my ability to communicate like a normal human being fails altogether.

Which isn't normal for me.

You call it falling in love, I call it trying not to puke on his shoes when talking to him.


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