Saturday, April 25, 2009

10:59 PM (and 57 seconds)

I see him tomorrow and I'm going to talk to him. I'm done with being next to invisible to him. I'm going to talk to him and he's going to talk back. It's gonna start with a "hey" and end in a better friendship. Sure, we're "friends" now, but next time he's going to want to talk to me. He's going to come up to me next time because last time wasn't enough. I already have butterflies now; however, I'm just going to have to swallow my insecurities and do it.

I love watching movies. I hate watching them in TV though, the commericials last longer than the parts of the movie inbetween, but you get so sucked into the movie, you can't stop watching. It's like a trap, and I fall into it every time.

Then there's those commericals with the abused animals. I think its the ASPCA commercials. They show the most terrible and sad pictures of animals and play extremely sad music. Then they ask for your money. Then they say:"This is your chance to say, I won't sit by while an animal suffers." How could you not after that? You feel like a jerk after that. Gahh, I hate those commercials.

I think I just hate commercials in general. Like the ones that claim if you text the name of your lover, some psychic will say if you're meant to be. They play three different ones in a row. Who actually buys into that crap? I mean, really? I want to know the number of people that actually text in.

I think all commercials should be funny. Then maybe I'd actual buy what they were selling because they took the time to entertain me. (and if a law passes stating that all commercials must be funny, I want some of the dough)

During romantic movies I feel so happy. I love them. I get so involved in them. But after they're over, I get depressed. Ugh.

As a little kid, I though it would so cool to have a sleepover in the mall and play hide and seek. I still feel that way. If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to rent the mall for a night. Or maybe just for a day so the stores will still be open. Then I'll buy a Lamborghini. (haha that was weird. I remember thinking that I should write "then I'll buy a Lamborghini" but I forgot I typed it, so after my eyes being glued to the television, I looked back and it was there and I was like what the heck? Oh man....)

Gahh, I'm gonna cry. I watching one of those romance movies, and it's so amazing, but I'm so jealous, and now theres the animal commercial with sad music. Emotions! UGH



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