Friday, April 24, 2009

Hopelessly In Love

Hey all:

(sorry to start off depressing, but...)

Have you ever liked somebody so much that when you think about them someday getting married to not you, it makes you sad?

Have you ever liked somebody so much that you're afraid to talk to them because you never want to get rejected?

Have you ever liked somebody so much that when they look at you all thought seems to come to an end and all you can see are their perfect eyes staring into yours and you feel like your entire body is pulsing to the beat of his breathing?

I like this one guy. A lot. He's one of the only guys I've liked that still doesn't know I like him (*knocks on wood*). I just about hyper-ventilate when I know I'm about to see him and then once he's there everything is perfect. Time seems to stop and all I can see is....well....him. Like I said above, I'm so scared of saying the wrong thing to him or that he doesn't like me back. Every guy that's found out I liked them hasn't liked me back. (Read my post on Valentine's Day/who I spent it with....that one was the worst). I'm so scared of being rejected it's insane. I'm practically in love with the guy and I don't want to do anything to ruin it with him. I probably sound like a complete loser, but, trust me, I'm not. He makes me want to be a better person. And I wish that could just tell him, but I pretty much get tears in my eyes now thinking about what if he doesn't like me. Anyways, if you guys have any great ideas on this whole sitch. Go ahead and share.

If anyone has any information on MCR (like concerts/new albums) let me know

I think writing songs and lyrics is actually pretty fun. I'd never let anyone read them though.

I'm a pretty good artist, I can draw faces pretty well. I just have trouble drawing my own, I'm my biggest critic.

I want to learn guitar, then maybe I can write lyrics AND compose

Then I'll learn how to sing. SO I can write lyrics, compose, and actually play/sing it.

I think it'd be cool to be a psychologist, you'd leave work feeling better about your problems.

A lot of the population is over-weight. I blame McDonald's. (Which explains why I'm skinny)

To get a car, I'd have to get a job. Then when people ask why I have a car I could say "To get to work" and when people ask why I work I could say "To pay for my car."

The US is 10% of the world's population, yet we use 75% of it's resources. Still, people ask why other countries want to bomb us.

(Un-realted to above) Did you know 49.3% of all statistics are made up on the spot?

4/3 people have trouble with fractions.

Blogging is really fun. I think everyone should have a blog, just so I'd have something to laugh at late at night.




  1. Your stories seems that you already break your mind your heart that make you cry and scream in inside. But in reals, you're not. Physically fineeeee.. Don't let your inner feel weak. If that guy you like don't like you back just let it be. Because one day you would find the real-and better man! :D Chill! Keep on blogging!

  2. Awww thank you muffin!

    Love the advice! And I definitely need some inner strength....

    And I'll definately keep on blogging.

  3. I love laughing at your blog (and many others, might I add :D) late at night. In fact, right now it's after 12:30 in the morning! Yay! XDD

    Have an awesome week!