Thursday, April 23, 2009


Song of the day:

"Broken Man" Boys Like Girls

Howdy folks!

Today started off quite dreary and cloudy, but while confined inside the concrete walls of school the day brightened and the sun came out of hiding. That's kind of how my day went. Sad to happy/content.

I've actually been feeling pretty lucky this week. I've won money, talked to ____, stalked TG, layed (Lied? Lain?) in the sun, watched Ellen, walked my dog, and hung out with friends.

I'm really excited for the warped tour this year, but The Academy Is... isn't going. WHAT THE HECK!? WHY NOT?! Seriously? However, FTSK will be there, We the Kings will, and 3OH!3, so I think I'll survive. But I'd really like to give TAI a piece of my mind right now! Who cares if you're on tour? Warped Tour is way more important!

Warped Tour Lineup:
Check out that site, it has bands, and band reviews. It's awesome and Secret Stalker recommended.

Another band I want to talk to is My Chemical Romance. PUT ANOTHER RECORD OUT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Thanks :]

Colds in weather that looks like summer shouldn't exist. It ruins sunny days.

I need to get tan. I'm so white, it's pathetic. I don't believe in tanning beds though. Really? If you do go to them, just stop. You're going to get cancer. You won't notice it now, but by the time your 40 you're skin will look like crap and you'll be battling skin cancer. It really isn't worth it going to tanning beds. (laying in the sun with a little sunscreen is okay though)

Anyways....I ran out of things to say, and I don't want to




  1. For the record, My Chem is in the process of making an album. They're getting there(:

  2. :O another anonymous!

    fake tan = better than real tan if it... you know... isn't orange hahahah

    Sunbeds should all be smashed up by crowbars IMO :)

    EMBRACE THE PALE! But not twilight style (the books by stephenie meyer...)