Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boom Chicka Boom !

I love bumper stickers. I aspire to have many on my own car......once I get one.

They're just so funny and show you a little bit of how that person thinks. I love the ones that have a lot of writing on them, but say nothing worthwhile and make you feel like an idiot. I'm going to have like fifty different bumper stickers on my car. Just because.
I want to someday become a vegetarian. I typically don't like meat or chicken. It's gross. So, I should just become a vegetarian. However, I'd have nothing to eat. I like tacos and spaghetti, but they have meat in them. So I've created.....
It's perfect. You just shy away from plain meat and chicken and fish and whatever else counts as bad. But, it's perfectly acceptable to eat them mixed in with stuff. (Tacos have lettuce, tomato, and cheese; Spaghetti has noodles; Orange chicken sauce...??) Wa-La! Because, I've realized that I like chicken and meat when it's mixed with stuff, it's just disgusting plain. This way, when somebody tries to feed you plain, dry, chicken you can say you're half-vegetarian (if they ask what it means give them this site!) They probably will look at you funny, but will replace the food with yummy veggies or noodles. It's great.
Apparently my little brother supports Communism. He wrote a paper on what his own little world would look like and he had very Communistic ideas. He doesn't understand yet how that can go terribly wrong. Like how when everyone gets paid the same doctors will be like "Screw this, I'm getting paid the same as Larry the plumber, I'm not gonna' work too hard!" It was funny, but his little world was pretty neat. It was all about peace and everybody getting along. I think he's going to be a hippie someday....
Oh, just a little teeny tiny update.
That is H-O-T....HOT!
Ta for now....I have a paper to write... :P

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