Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's 4:33 PM and I'm Watching Ellen...

She has the Jo-Bros on at the moment....

What's the dealio with them?

I've see commercials of girls crying when they come onstage....and some of them are like EIGHT! It's like, yeah, they are pretty cute but crying? Seriously?!

OMG! I just proved my point! Ellen just gave away tickets to see them in concert and the girl about had a heart attack!!

I mean, it's kinda embarrassing for the girls. I understand that they think they know every little detail about them and have bought every CD and every poster and are completely obsessed, but really? It's sad how attached these girls are to them. The chance of one of the Jonas Brothers spotting them in the ground and whisking them away to happily ever after are 1 in, no, 0 in a billion.

I get loving a band. I mean, I love MCR, RJA, and TAI, but I wouldn't scream and start crying if I saw Beckett walking down the street. That must be so awkward for them, flattered as they may be, but it's kinda creepy. I mean, for even the slightest chance of them even talking back to you, act like a normal person for crying out loud!

Then there's those of you that think if you flirt enough or if you're pretty enough then your favorite band man will "fall for you."


Okay, there's a difference between thinking about how amazing it would be if Joe Jonas saw you at a concert and fell in love and acting on it! Don't you think its incredibly awkward for him and extremely embarrassing for you if you start flirting with him while he's signing your CD? What, how old is he now, 19? (yeah I had to go on Wikipedia to find that out). There are girls that are 13 and 14 that are so in love with him and dream about him falling in love with her. It's ridiculous. Sure, it'd be awesome to have millions of guys hanging off my every word and completely in love with me, but it'd get old. I wouldn't have any guy friends. I wouldn't know if they just wanted to be friends or if they were friends with me in hopes of forming a relationship.

So, please. Give musicians and actors a break. Stop screaming (unless they just got on stage and your also clapping because you're excited for the music***) and stop crying (there is no excuse for that, you look stupid - for lack of a better word).

***That reminded me of another peeve of mine. People who only listen to bands because they think the lead singer is hot. I hate these people. Sure, they might like the music, but if the reason they listened to them was because they fell in love with the bass player, they're not in it for the music. Like I can honestly say that I listened to The Academy Is... way before I saw Bill. (I actually first heard them on a video game my lil' bro was playing...it was some car one...). However, I always check out what the band looks like after I get all their music. (Yeah, I buy CD's. I like CD's better than iTunes, but I'm afraid that one day all music will be on the internet and I'm already sad...). I like Underoath, but I don't really think any of them are attractive...no offense Spence (had to say that, it rhymed...).

So anyways, music has to do with the creativity of the band, not how they look.


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