Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stalking Via Google

It just so happens that I got Google Analytics to keep track of how many people are actually reading this.

Then I realized, that I'm kinda stalking people I don't even know.

I can see how long you stayed on the site, what brought you to my site, and what pages you looked up.

Can you say creeper?

Check this out:
1. Internet Explorer
21 visits

6 visits

3 visits

Mozilla Compatible Agent
2 visits

1 visit

I can see what brower you used to look up my site.

I can also see what connection you used, whether it was DSL or cable.

However, I have absolutely no idea who you are, but I can see where you're from.

Here's some popular places people have seen my blog from:

The United States: New York, Oregon, California, Virginia, Tennessee, Idaho, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Washington DC (I really hope the secret service isn't stalking me or something!!!)

Libya (Yeah that country in AFRICA!): Tripoli (the city in Libya!)

Australia (Gotta love those Aussies!): Sydney (like in Finding

Canada (eh?): Scarborough (yeah that's the name of the city...)

AND I can see the words you typed into Google that led you to my site. Words like: How to stalk someone without getting caught, and Valentine's Day Stalking, and stalking and valentine's day.

Creepy? Yeah.

Stalker-ish? Definately.



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