Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Notable Notes Worth Noticing About Me

1) I'm really self-concious

2) I listen to music all the time

3) Demetri Martin is my hero

4) If I had to choose between fairies and mermaids I'd choose fairies

5) But vampires win over all

6) I am musically talented, but we'll save which intrument(s) for another day

7) I don't cuss, but almost all the songs I listen to do

8) Sometimes, I just want to be left alone

9) Someday I'll be a neurosurgeon

10) I'm scared of taking the bus

11) I have a best girl friend, but not a best guy friend. I wish I did

12) I hum to myself occasionally, but then I stop because I think people are listening to me.

13) I love to swim

14) I hate baggy jeans, and much prefer skinnies

15) I'm in love with Gerard Way

16) Music rules my life

17) I love comedy movies

18) I'm scared of being in elevators, and I take the stairs as much as possible.

19) I hate flying (airplanes), but I've been on possibly over a hundred

20) If I had to choose between a trillion dollars or world peace.....I don't know what I'd choose

21) I text. A lot.

22) If you want me to love you forever, sing "Fall For You" (by Secondhand Serenade) while playing the piano.

23) I really like the number 23

24) I have a dog. She's amazing (and curled up at my feet right now)

25) I can get pretty obnoxious, but half the time I'm really quiet

26) I believe in true love

27) I'm still waiting to prove it exists

28) The age I'll be when I graduate college if I decide to be a brain surgeon. Ugh.

29) I hate sleeping

30) I take pills to fall asleep (no, I don't take the pill mentioned below to fall alseep)

31) I think vicodin is the best pill in the world. It solves everything.

32) I love the ocean

33) I love The Office

34) and The Mentalist

35) I plan on getting married someday

36) If I was President I'd paint the white house pink, because I'd be the first woman president

37) Sometimes I wish I had blue eyes

38) I might be famous

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