Monday, February 16, 2009


Unaware he was going to be there, I spent V-Day with a jerk.

Well, he's not your typical jerk. He's nice, funny, smart, cute, muscular....all that crap.

But, he's a jerk.

And here's why:

I'd liked him for four or five years. I mean, what was not to like about him. He was great, and one of my best guy friends. I saw him twice a year for about a week and a half each time at a relative's house. (We're not related at all. Just through marriage. But that doesn't really count either since his uncle is married to my dad's step-sister, got it?) Anyways, I'd liked him since forever.

And, well, everyone thought he liked me.....

So, the summer of '07, I told him. He replied saying he made a decision not to have any relationships until he was mature and ready to get married.

Lies. What am I supposed to think about that when he admits he's had sex? What am I supposed to think when he says most his friends have seen him naked? What am I supposed to think when he says most his friends are girls?

So, the awkwardness passed through Christmas. The summer of '08 I brought a friend down with me. The week passed, and he admitted that he liked my friend. Yeah, like like. To me. He admitted that to me, knowing I liked him.


I spent Valentine's Day with the first guy who ever broke my heart.

And don't worry, my dear friend, I don't like you like that anymore. We're friends and that's all we'll ever be. Seriously.



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