Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've recently realized that I have found two new guys to stalk! (to add to my long list of stalkees...)

He happens to go to my school and I see him almost every other day; however, sometimes I see him every day....

My school has day 1 and day 2. We rotate and have 4 classes one day and 4 different classes the next.

It was really confusing for me freshman year....but now I've got a few years under my belt. (not that I normally wear belts)

BUT anyways...

I see this guy (Yes, I know his name, no I'm not sharing it. We'll call him TG (this guy) for furthur references) on day 1's, after school in a certain place....known only by me because I'm officially stalking him now. (and I wouldn't want anybody else stalking him or him knowing I'm stalking him, cuz he soooo reads this....hah)

And he's really cute. Like really cute. To the point of being hot.

He's also taller than me (and most other students for that matter)

.....and a year older...(yearbooks are great....and so is myspace)

That's about all I know, for now. (stupid private myspaces....who even puts them on private anymore???)

And when I know I'm about to see him I hyper-ventilate, kinda, and then I see him and every things okay.

Awkward. I know.

Oh and did I mention theres another guy I'm stalking too! (that makes three, if you've been keeping up with previous posts! O.o )

This guy doesn't attend my school, but I've seen him at different places I've been. He's a friend of a friend.

And I recently I stalked him to his place of work.

But, sadly, he wasn't working.

I know, sad day for me.

For future-ness, we'll call him OG (other guy) (and yeah, I know, suck at coming up with names, if you think you have better ones, then comment or something...)


1. _____
2. TG
3. OG

And I think the CIA is stalking me.

Because Washington DC has viewed my page several times, and that worries me.

I don't think I'm doing anything illegal.


'Kay. I'll update more stuff later.



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