Thursday, February 12, 2009

Facebook Status Updates

Whenever I'm updating my status on facebook, I never know what to put. Because whatever I post will be what people see and think about me for that day. It's nerve wracking.

Like if you post that "Joe's bored", people will think you do absolutely nothing all day; however, if you post that you're in some exotic location like....florida, then people will think you're a jerk for rubbing it in.

You also can't say things like "Susy's wasted" or people will think you're a drunk.

And you can't put exactly what you're doing like "Steve's trying to come up with a status update", because that's just lame.

Contrary to other beliefs ( ....not to name any)but, I think it's pretty cool putting up song lyrics. They're pretty and while they may be what you think is an acurate description of how you're feeling, they're also interesting to read and relatively safe to post.

Me, I like using big words and things that make me look like I'm smart. And also things that make people think. Like...(and this isn't my real name) "Charlotte's contemplating the meaning of life and the euphoria of it all"

I also like quoting people. Mostly comedians, they're jokes are funny and they make you think. Like "Cody says that if he ever saw an amputee being hanged, he'd yell out letters" (Demitri Martin quote, reference to the hangman game).

So....that's it for now....


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