Friday, February 13, 2009

I Saw "TG" today.

He was, as usual, gorgeous.

But, not where I expected him to be.

I usually see him right.....there, outside. However, today he was inside. I actually didn't expect to see him there. I was looking all over for him (while trying to walk with my friend inside, half listening to whatever she was saying) and the I opened one of the double glass doors, and there he was. Right in front of me inside (I honestly don't know why I'm Italic-ing inside and outside, but I think it adds a certain effect to it...). I ran my fingers through my wind blown hair and casually glanced up at him, and he casually glanced down at me, but that might have been because I was staring at him so hard. It's not hard to tell when someone is looking at you when you're tall because their gaze is too high to be looking at your buddy.

Side Note: Buddy's an odd word. Like, I can use it okay in writing, but I wouldn't actually use the term to describe my relationship with somebody.

Anyway. He actually looked at me O.o . Yeah. Me. He's looked at me before when I was walking toward him, but he actually might have seen me trip a few hundred feet before that....but I doubt he could see that far anyway.

Side Note: Side notes will now be referred to as SN (not to be confused with the acronym for screen name (sn) which is most of the time lower case.)

SN: I'm clumsy.

I'd give you guys more of a description, but I wouldn't want him stumbling across this by accident and going "hey, this TG guy sounds a lot like me...hmmm I guess I'll just watch for somebody staring at me and confront her" but when you think of him, think William Beckett (lead vocals for The Academy Is... they're a wicked awesome band)

I think I'm going to talk to TG on Tuesday.

I mean, why not?

First, I need to figure out if he has a girlfriend....or if he does and I could beat her in a fair fight :O



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